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OILCOM (T) LIMITED offers Oilcom Card with the help of which you can conveniently purchase Petrol / Diesel or Kerosene at several petrol stations and other registered sites. Besides cashless transaction, there are a number of other features that make Oilcom Card a special service.

Features Of Oilcom Card

Efficient Fuel Management & Reporting- Oilcom Card comprises of web-based suit and enables our clients to efficiently manage their fuel budget. It furnishes consolidated reports of consumption, location, frequency, etc. thus giving a detailed insight of fuel usage and requirement.

Flexibility- Flexible parameters can be set as per your company’s specific requirement. These flexible parameters include


Security- Use of Oilcom Card is completely safe and secure. Unique and confidential PIN is a guard against unauthorized use of the card. Feeding wrong PIN for three consecutive times automatically blocks the Card and thus keeps your account safe in case of theft or loss.