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We Serve People Directly

We bring to you a wide range of products along with a host of services. Our field of operation is widespread and caters to multiple needs of retail customers. We have set up more than 80 retail outlets for rendering the following services:

  • General automobile service & maintenance
  • LPG Facility
  • Convenience stores
  • Fitness centres
  • ATM facilities
  • Internet cafes


Own Fleet Of Transport

In collaboration with our sister company, Al-Hushoom Investments (T) Limited, we maintain our own fleet of automobiles for the distribution of Petroleum Products in Tanzania and neighbouring landlocked countries of The Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. Our fleet comprises of more than 200 fuel tankers with varying haulage capacity. Add to that, a huge fleet of trucks for shipping general cargo.


Aviation & Ground Handling Services

OILCOM (T) LIMITED is one of the most distinguished names in Aviation Fuel Business in Tanzania. We are authorized by Tanzanian Government to import and handle Jet A-1 in Tanzania. We hold expertise in receiving, storing, shipping and retailing JET A1 to various destinations across the country. Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has accorded us class I license for Ground Handling Services at domestic and international airports. To our credit, we are successfully running four (4) aviation fuel facilities at three domestic airports of Mwanza, Arusha & Kigoma and Dar es Salaam international airport. We have technical services agreement with Kuwait Petroleum International Aviation Company Limited (KPIAC) for Aviation business.



Our product range includes Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) approved Automotive and Industrial Lubricants. The lubricants, offered by us, are prepared from high quality base oil and a balanced additive system, making them very useful for all practical applications of lubricants.


Oilcom Card

OILCOM (T) LIMITED offers Oilcom Card with the help of which you can conveniently purchase fuel, lubricants and other products & services at several petrol stations and other registered sites. Besides cashless transaction, there are a number of other features that make Oilcom Card a special service.

Features Of Oilcom Card

Efficient Fuel Management & Reporting- Oilcom Card comprises of web-based suit and enables our clients to efficiently manage their fuel budget. It furnishes consolidated reports of consumption, location, frequency, etc. thus giving a detailed insight of fuel usage and requirement.

Flexibility- Flexible parameters can be set as per your company’s specific requirement. These flexible parameters include

  • Date & time frame for purchase
  • Defined geographical sites
  • Limiting daily/weekly/monthly purchases
  • Limiting number of transactions per day, etc.

Security- Use of Oilcom Card is completely safe and secure. Unique and confidential PIN is a guard against unauthorized use of the card. Feeding wrong PIN for three consecutive times automatically blocks the Card and thus keeps your account safe in case of theft or loss.


LPG Cylinder

We are all set to launch our own LPG product, OILCOM GAS, which will be bottled in 6kg, 15kg & 38kg portable gas cylinder for both domestic and commercial applications. OILCOM GAS bottling facility has a storage capacity of 500MT of LPG with a cylinder filling capacity of 1000 bottle/day. OILCOM GAS is bottled with utmost care so as to ensure that the cylinders weigh exactly the same as labeled.



The Congo bulk storage facility is already inducted and well in use. It has Storage Facility for Petrol, Diesel and Jet A1 Fuel.